Six on Saturday: February 10, 2018

February is a busy month with my husband’s birthday, Valentine’s day,  lots of medical appointments (I injured my foot 😦 which is no help for gardening), veterinarian appointments for our 10 year old dog, and visitors arriving at the end of the month. I expect our tree pruner to come next week as well.
Here are my six for Saturday.

1. This week has been up and down: wet and cold, but also sunny with clear skies. I’m so glad the Hamamelis Diane can withstand most anything.



2. Buds are forming this week on all sorts of plants. This young Enkianthis appears to withstand winter mighty well.  I hope it blooms nicely in its new home.

The Group 1 clematis always look shabby even when in bud. Eventully their new leaves and blooms hide all last year’s mess.



3. These are the very first snowdrops. Hurray!



4. The Cyclamen are still cheering us up. You can see that I haven’t done much cutting back of grasses though. A few Leucojum bulbs are poking up behind them on the left. They bloom quite a bit later.


5. And now the iris reticulata are adding colour! Helps to combat the gloom. (This is a cheat. They are still in pots and have not yet been planted in the garden. Maybe this weekend?)


6. A few of the hellebores are in bloom. They vary in terms of timing, but are always welcome! I need to cut back some of their foliage soon.


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11 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: February 10, 2018

  1. I am so tempted by the irises. I am planning a visit to the garden centre next week and if they have them still I know I shall buy some. I am not sure they will do well in my heavy clay soil so they will probably be transferred to a lovely blue glazed pot that is empty at the moment.

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  2. I wish I could grow a Hamamelis or two but they won’t like my rather limey soil, which also means that, sadly, there aren’t any to admire in the neighbourhood. I always grow the little Iris reticulatamin clay pans. Much easier to admire them!

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  3. How lovely are hellebores! It’s not a plant I have yet but yours is looking mighty healthy. I love how you have little splashes if colour dotted around especially the Hamemlis that looks fabulous. Xx


  4. You’ve got so much going in your garden this week. Love all the colours, the iris, witch hazel & cyclamen but have to admit, that clematis is just my cat’s meow. Really love that photo. Hope your foot mends soon so you can enjoy your busy month.

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  5. Diane is a wonderful colour. I want to get Hamamelis into the garden here but I have room for only one. I thought I had chosen “the one” but people keep posting photos of theirs and now I can’t make up my mind (except that I have room for only one – that much is certain).

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    1. John, it pays to look around a bit because some varieties of witchhazel tend to keep their old leaves at the same time as they bloom, and that is not an advantage! I was limited by what is available nearby, but all three are doing well. (Pallida, Jelena and Diane.) The fall blooming one never did well for me when I lived in Ontario. Read up on them with Google if you get a chance.


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