December 4, 2018


We have had a nasty time of things with Ric hospitalized and me needing to share his room for well over a week. The food was….you can guess.
We were in a scary place and are working our way out.
Ric was hospitalized and I was with him, being the only one to calm him. He weighed 132 pounds and blood pressure was low, as in 81/47.
He also has a “sliding hernia”…which you can read about if that sort of thing interests you.
Sarah (our daughter) & her husband Wayne are our heroes.
We are working with medical marijuana of various kinds to get him through terrible nights. I can’t keep up with emailing right now, but special thanks for caring and I’ll let you know details when I can. Likely after an appointment in Vancouver on the 11th….or even a week or so later once we find Parkinson’s disease results. . I am hanging on and have care all around.
Also Adam (our son) kept in touch from Haiti and is now in Boston and in touch.

7 thoughts on “December 4, 2018

  1. It does sound rather nasty. I’m so glad you’ve family & help close by, ‘care all around’. We’ll keep you in our thoughts.


  2. That heavy frost is looking like my garden across the Strait as well. I so appreciate you sharing your struggles. Sending thoughts and prayers for strength and hope. Do your best to keep yourself healthy throughout.


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