In my Soggy July Garden

So far July has given us a bit of rain. Nowhere near as much as we need, but even a little rain helps me feel less nervous about the possibilities of summer fires on our Island. The lawn is a parched mess, but I have been able to keep most all the perennials green with hand watering and sometimes even with the sprinkler. The kids (grown now) scold me for this waste of water. The garden is my only vise(!) and so I continue to water when necessary. Intellectually I agree with them, but emotionally? No.

This rain of ours has been mostly gentle, not the kind that brings tree damage or hail. This is how it looked at the front of our house.

Beware of slippery steps!

The Hostas have begun blooming and the bees are enjoying them. There are both mini and giant versions.

Tiny but many blooms
Giant sized Hosta

There is no shortage of lush green after these showers. Some perennials are forming buds, while othe plants have been weighted down by water and are leaning against neighbouring plants.

Lavender flopped down onto Agastache rupestris
Lady’s Mantle blooms also lean over but the drops on the foliage always charm me.
Kirengeshoma palmata has increased a great deal in size and is forming buds now.
I love the the fat little buds and tall black stems of Anemonopsis machrophyllum
Senecio angel wings has returned for her second year. Her leaves have only now begun growing back.

Sharing some of the many wonderful clematis in bloom now.

Clematis x triternata ‘Rubromarginata’
Clematis Juuli
Clematis Mikelite with Hydrangea
Clematis Yukikomachi
The reverse view of Clematis Huldine
Ending on a note of mystery… No name.


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