Six on Saturday: October 6, 2018


Monday will be the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday. I am making applesauce for the occasion as I type in my Six today. It has been a difficult week for us with my husband’s Parkinson’s Disease, but we are carrying on. Yet another birthday for me and I find October a beautiful month to celebrate.


1.Yes, the leaves can be wonderful.  If we are lucky, some of the maples and oakleaf Hydrangeas can be quite spectacular! Even when it rains! Often British Columbia sees very little of the red & burgundy hues, more yellows and plain greens.



The sun is low in the sky these days and it sets (way too) early .IMG_20181003_171132b


2. The hostas, after the first cold weather (3C) begin to fade and eventually will become mushy and need tidying up.





3. Time to tidy up the pots of tomatoes and eggplant and put a few other plants in the shop under lights.IMG_20181003_110702b.jpgPatioCleanUp

The garden chairs and benches need to go indoors as well.IMG_20181003_110651b.jpgPatioClean-up

In this case the huge blue delphinium was simply cut back and mulch added.


4.Some flowers are just beginning to bloom at the same time as others show off their seedheads and foliage.

This is Anemone Honorine Jobert with Chocolate Eupatorium and Gillenia stipulata.

This late blooming creeping aster  had to be tied up to clear out the weeds beneath it.IMG_20181003_110604b.jpgCreepingAste-rtied-up

A closeup of the aster blooms. I love this plant! (Aster ericoides ‘Snow Flurry’)IMG_20181003_110551b.jpgopening


5. This clematis is very young and so it will overwinter in its pot and be dealt with next spring.IMG_20181003_110753b.jpgMaryRose-goes-to-bed

And these “ghetto” plants will be planted in new homes before winter:Heuchera, Clematis Mme Julia Correvon and various Agastaches.IMG_20181003_111511b

Clematis Francesca is showing a few late season blooms.


6. We are expecting the tree pruner to deal with a fallen tree and some invasive hollies.


There are actually three hollies in this spot. I hope the guy can handle the stabbing foliage!IMG_20181003_170628b

We still have not received the bulb order, so there will be work later this month I guess.  I hope to get some edging done, and perhaps cut back some of the bamboos. We’ll see how it goes!

Keep on keeping on in your gardens!
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12 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: October 6, 2018

  1. I’m sorry to hear you had a difficult week. It looks like you got a lot done, though, which I would imagine was therapeutic for you. I do like this time of year for sorting through what needs to go, or be tidied. And I love planting bulbs. I made a start on mine yesterday, just meaning to plant the Narcissus, but got carried away and started with tulips even though it probably isn’t cold enough!

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  2. Even if the leaves of your hostas start to fade, the pictures are very beautiful, especially the third one. I don’t know the stage of your husband’s Parkinson’s disease, but I guess gardening is a good therapy because you have to focus on small things. I hope next week will be better. There are ups and downs … take care of him.

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  3. Those first leaves are spectacular and make up for any other red you might miss out on! You’ve had many months of clematis blooms, and your posts have instructed me greatly on varieties that thrive in our shared climate. Thank you!

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  4. I keep going back to the picture of the hosta and the fern together, what a great combination. Makes me want to go out in the dark and start moving things around. I had a difficult week for a somewhat similar reason, better half in hospital for surgery. You have my heartfelt sympathy.

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  5. I’m sorry to read that you’ve had a difficult week and I’m sending warm thoughts from the Southern Hemisphere. What are those almost black leaves in the ‘ghetto’ collection? They are a fabulous contrast with the grey in front. Lots of glorious colours in your six this week.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I started a bit of this when our son-in-law visited the other day. Most of the furniture was put away. Perhaps the sun will shine today and we can pot up some bulbs and a few plants! How fine to have an entire week for you to get a handle on these chores!


  6. You’ve got some beautiful colour going there, both in foliage & the flowers that are still blooming. Francesca is gorgeous! Sorry it was a tough week due to your husband’s health. Autumn seems a difficult time for long term sufferers of various diseases, for some reason. I hope your Thanksgiving went well, most were overly fed & plenty of rest was had by all. And thank you, for finding time for us. We appreciate it.


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