Six on Saturday: August 11, 2018

1. I received a bouquet last fall from a friend, a bouquet of Hydrangeas. They lasted in a vase of water for a very long time, way past Christmas.
After some time I realized that some were growing roots. I hadn’t even thought to try that! Eventually we tried potting up the strongest one, and come spring it was planted outside. It was a tiny thing and had perhaps 2 leaves. It sulked. I expected it to die, and ignored it.
Later, as summer started I noticed a bud forming between the leaves. It grew and grew and became a flower last week. So now I have a plant that is about 6-8 inches tall and most of it is the bloom. Crazy. I wonder what will become of it over the winter and next spring!

2. Do you know pineapple lilies? These two pots are growing from one plant received in a bouquet in the summer of 2008. Full sun for these!


3. I love Agastaches of many kinds, but this one is my favourite: Agastache rupestris with its fine blueish gray leaves. The scent is wonderful! Loves sun.

4. Kirengeshoma palmata is a wonderful part shade plant with maple like leaves. The bloom is from one to two inches long. Nice to have colour late in the summer!IMG_20180803_075630B.jpgKirengashoma

5. Tricyrtis first bloomed this week. Another great shade garden flower!IMG_20180810_094030b

6. Recent Clematis blooms in this addict’s garden.

See the bee inspecting Clematis Buckland Beauty?IMG_20180807_070907b

C. Kaiu winds about the Rhododendrons.IMG_20180807_070752b

C.Princess Kate has fewer blooms this year, but is very sweet.IMG_20180807_070421b

C. Blekitny Aniol (Blue Angel) got off to a slow start and lost a major stem. Finally she is blooming again. Our heatwave has not been a help!IMG_20180806_193715b

Mrs Tage Lundell is in her first year here.

Clematis Yukikomachi is lovely. She grows in a Cornus Mas tree, but this year was hiding. I found her only bloom this week!IMG_20180805_175410b.jpgYukikomachi

C. Mikelite is a long blooming beauty.IMG_20180803_081941b.jpgMikelite

C.Joe Zary has a few late summer blooms, even in our extreme heat.IMG_20180803_080355b.jpgJoeZary

Clematis Gravetye Beauty is blooming on new growth at this time. This photo shows her quite red.  She is less bright and more of a burgundy in my yard.IMG_20180803_081239b

Clematis x triternata ‘Rubromarginata’.IMG_20180810_183255b

A second bloom now for Clematis Pink Flamingo.

Clematis Pink Mink is still blooming through Thalictrum ‘splendide’.


Still a great deal to enjoy in the garden here in the Pacific Northwest.

Visit the others in this gang here- Better yet, join us!

9 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: August 11, 2018

  1. All the clematises are lovely but the clematis with the Thalictrum in the last photo is a delightful combination. I also like the pineapple lily very much..beautiful flowers.


  2. Just rushed out to see what my Kirengeshoma was doing. Nearly dead from drought. Rescue required. That’s a lovely Pineapple lily, lovely colour. Most of mine have much taller flower spikes and are prone to flopping. It’s easy to see why you love clematis so much, I wish I had room for more.


  3. I’m loving these clematis updates from you. So many differing types! When your first wrote about the hydrangea taking root, I ran out & cut several, but no joy. Wonder, was there something in the water akin to root hormone? I shall try again, however, so wish me luck. And that pineapple lily is simply gorgeous.


    1. I didn’t use rooting powderwith the hydrangeas as they were strictly prunings for a bouquet. I had no idea about actually starting a plant this way! If it had been my intention, I certainly would have! I may ask this friend for more this fall… 😉 Good luck with yours!

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