Adam visits and there are Projects!

Adam comes to visit once or twice each year. He manages to fix a few computer problems sometimes and the kids adore it because he does projects with them!
This time Ric got a new phone and lessons to help him get used to it. I received some small camera lenses to play with. Lots of fun!

Ivy received a huge surprise gift, a camera. She practiced using it a bit in the garden and learned about focus, foreground, background. Today she will get a lesson with the local photography teacher who is taking a walk with other children to practice taking pictures. Should be fun!  Ivy also got some one-on-one time building things with her electronics kit: a musical doorbell was one of several.experiments.

I photographed the two together with the new camera.
Leo was really excited to get to learn about Edison, a robot that he programmed with Adam, using bar codes from a computer printout. The robot learned to detect obstructions in its path, could be activated by clapping ,  would follow a flashlight as well as follow a path laid out by him with electrical tape.  The robot was on loan as it will be used for instructing children in Chiapas, Mexico. It also works with Lego pieces we are told.

Not to be left out …Forrest got some one-on-one time too, playing computer skills games on the XO laptop. He also was served the largest bowl of mint chip ice cream you can imagine! He could hardly believe it – but he certainly managed to eat it all!


Later we enjoyed a family night and everyone got to play and eat dessert.

As usual, the trip seemed short! Then off he went to Vancouver and then San Francisco.



4 thoughts on “Adam visits and there are Projects!

  1. What a fun uncle! My grandkids would love to do all that stuff. Did you give him suggestions on what to bring them or is just thoughtful that way? We will all enjoy your new lens!

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    1. He’s always been a fantastic gift giver! He’s also a great teacher of anything, so even the gift of time and explanations can be a gift. We had no idea he was bringing anything except for the new phone for his Dad. He does not part easily with his money, so the gifts were well thought out and quite inexpensive.


  2. Ivy probably now knows more about taking photos than I do! I tend to click and hope for the best, as our camera is quite complicated and I haven’t got the hang of it.

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