Six on Saturday: July 7, 2018

This is Saturday already? NO! I am early it seems! July too? Yes, I got that right! Oh my, time flies. What a week it was! Dog grooming for Phoebe the Bouvier des Flandres, Baby sitting grandchildren (always one at a time!), doctor appointments, a friend’s birthday party,  and sadly – though not a surprise – the death of my brother in law.

This week’s six will be a mix I think.

  1. Do you recognize this bloom? It is the flower of an eggplant that was given to me by a friend. It is grown in a container and is doing quite well so far.  I love the flowers, but I also love eggplant. I make an eggplant spaghetti sauce with kalamata olives that we love. When we lived in Nigeria, eggplant was called “garden egg”.


2.  This is another pot grown plant. Ornamental Oregano. I thought it should grow in a container because it tends to hang over the edges which I find attractive. So far, no hanging though… Perhaps when we have less rain and more sun this will happen?


3. Last year we worked on a Hydrangea area of the garden. Things are progressing well. There are buds on the Plum Passion variety now. It has dark coloured leaves. Here are some others.

A new plant called Hydrangea Chinensis, which arrived as a stick 2 years ago, now has its first (and only) bloom.

 Hydrangea Quickfire is already beginning to turn pink.


4. Other pink/white flowers are in bloom as well:
A self seeded Astrantia

A very tall mystery Thalictrum

5. Some plants with blue are also showing off.

Anemone Wild Swan (front and back)

Corydalis elata with a huge RodgersiaIMG_20180702_091717b.jpgCorydalisElata

6. Which brings us to clematis…of course! There are many in bloom now, but here is a small selection.

On the left is C. Perle d’Azur. On the right, C. Venosa Violacea.

These are frilly, twisted and bell shaped varieties.

Top left is C.Tentel, with its first bloom ever.
Below it is C.Twinkle, a small variety that has blue hints if you check carefully.
Top right is C.Betty Corning, which tends to be huge, except in my case, where it grows in shade, climbing up a Rosebud tree.
The next Clematis is C.Pagoda, a wonderful pink variety. New to the garden last year.
The small , almost white bells are C.Kaiu. In fact they have pale pink tones. They climb through a Rhododendron here.
And then last,  C. Buckland Beauty, which grows against an arbor.

Enjoy your gardens , rain or shine!


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4 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: July 7, 2018

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your brother-in-law. An expected death is hard to deal with too.
    Your six is lovely though and the clematises are a standout, a delicate and prettily coloured group of blooms.


  2. Still a great collection of clematis … I do like those with small falling flowers that you have.
    About oregano, I put my pot on the floor in my greenhouse and it has rooted so I now have 1 sqm! Full sun without rain seems to please it.


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