Six on Saturday: June 9, 2018


1. Cornus kousa is in full bloom these days. I love the fine red line on the petal edges!



2. Variegated Comfrey is always a star in the garden. We are enjoying its blooms now and will prune it back for foliage interest once the blooms have faded.



3. I am thrilled to see the return of our hardy Fuchsias. They are slow to return, but oh so welcome!



4. This is a welcome visitor, polite but timid. It enjoys sun bathing in this same spot when it isn’t raining.



5. This a new to me plant, Senecio candicans. It is not quite suited to my climate here. I am in zone 7 and this is a zone 8-10 plant. I hope to use it in a potted arrangement and then keep it in our shop over the winter. Today it was enjoying the rain and I loved seeing the drops on its large silver leaves.



6. It is Clematis time again and here is a collection from this week.

Top row shows Durandii, Ville de Lyon and Odoriba.
Bottom row shows Gravetye Beauty and then the combination of Odoriba and Maria Cornelia.


Enjoy your gardens and your muddy hands!!


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18 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: June 9, 2018

    1. Yes, the rain is good, especially at night. I’d prefer sunny days, but I’ll take what we have as I worry less about fires this way. I partcularly hate dragging hoses about.
      Our daughter does vegetable gardening…but gets side-tracked by her goats, chickens, geese, dogs and children! She also bakes bread which she sells at her farm stand. YUM!

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    1. Cornus kousa is wonderful as it lasts for a very long time and changes colour along the way. It then develops dark pink fruit which is intriguing! Fred, I confess I often use Photoshop to crop or sharpen my phone’s pictures.

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  1. The Senecio leaves look so tactile and interesting. I’m not a huge fan of Senecio byzantine – it starts with so much promise then collapses and has a definite, prolonged off period. But this one looks to have more going for it.

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