Six on Saturday

A quick check-in this time after our return from the Toronto area. Our trip was filled with travels back to the old farm, visiting good friends, an award for my husband, a visit from our son who lives in Boston, and also plants for me. (Clematis and Thalictrums)

Our daughter has kept us busy with activities with the children: a play performance, a concert (today!) and a Birthday event tomorrow. To top it off, her Mama goat had triplets, one for each child to name.

Somehow, I managed to mow the lawn, weed and water between events.

First night with triplet kids!
A new potting bench built by a friend
My baby Magnolia “Sunsation” is finally turning into a tree.
I love subtle but beautiful Enkianthus.
Dodecatheon is also known as Shooting Star
This is the land of Dogwoods which are now at their peak!


Enjoy your gardens!


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8 thoughts on “Six on Saturday

    1. Yes it is. He is a fabulous carpenter…and I pay him for all kinds of work. He has made a bench for us, repaired items in our house. added missing trim here and there…all kinds of good stuff.


  1. That’s a very elegant and beautifully made potting bench. I’m feeling quite envious. And the enkianthus I’ve never seen before-it’s easy to understand why you love it.


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