Six on Saturday: April 14, 2018

  1. This week was a real mix of weather! We have had hard rains, glorious blue skies, both of them together, and wind so strong that the ferries did not operate at times! In spite of all this, the garden is filled with daily surprises. Sometimes they are pleasant and other times not…as in the branch which fell into my Corylopsis from my neighbour’s yard. No damage though… This was a pleasant surprise!





2. There was hard work in places: Here major digging to make a home for baby clematis Royalty and Clematis Mrs T Lundell. Many rocks were found….
This is a site I use frequently. You may already know it:



3. Here at our front entrance area, a layer of dark mulch was shoveled to suppress weeds.



4. One of the very pleasant surprises were these morel mushrooms which appeared. My husband had them fried up in an omelette!



5. Another surprise was a plant order that arrived very late from the states. I was in agony over the delay, certain that everything inside would be a mushy mess. In fact, I think most everything will survive with patience and decent temperatures. Some of the plants have very white new growth due to the lack of light over the past two and a half weeks! The saga is too difficult and painful to explain…



6. I’ll share here some of the plant highlights in the garden. Chocolate Corydalis (with pale lavender blooms, Clematis Constance (new plant which I grew in my former garden), and Fritillaria persica.



Next is a pink and white Hellebore, variegated Comfrey, Thalictrum Black Stockings beginning to gain height, and a hellebore from our former farm with a white & purple Epimedium which seems to have come along for the ride!





Enjoy your gardens!


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18 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: April 14, 2018

  1. Your place looks so atmospheric and special! How far are you from civilisation? I hope those journeying plants recover – sounds like they will. Beautiful flower pics – love the fritillaria, which I have never grown. Thank you for sharing your very special world!

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    1. Our community has two grocery stores, a hardware store, mechanics, a pharmacy, several doctors and even a small plant nursery! The elementary school goes up to grade 5 and has some mighty good teachers as well. We are a 10-15 minute ferry ride to a city with “box stores”, a few restaurants and so forth.


  2. What a truly beautiful selection of blooms. I particularly like the fritillaria (I’ve never seen anything like it before) and the pink and white hellebore. Good luck with the posted plants, I expect they’ll recover. Two and a half weeks seems an awfully long time!

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    1. Variegated comfrey is a star in a garden. It really is a show piece. I looked and looked for it in the nurseries nearby, but never found it. Then a vegetable gardener friend gave me some of his!
      Black Stockings Thalictrum is fabulous and tall. Look for it!

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    1. Hi Jim, In the box were things unusual to me so I am eager to see them thrive! Paris polyphylla, a different Dicentra (or Ichtyoselmis), a burgundy coloured Disporum, etc… I’ll share if I can!


  3. It never fails to amaze me how well packaged these mail order plants can be. Your ‘Constance’ is a real beauty and the morel photo is quite wonderful even without the culinary possibilities.


  4. You’ve got so much going on there this week. Love the black stocking (looked it up), the mushroom, the hellebore, fratillery, corydalis . . . your plant choices are original & look lovely in their settings. Glad no damage was done & hope most of your new plants survive.

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  5. What a lovely twelve on Saturday (thirteen if you count the passenger). I admire your patience. I get into bellicose belligerence if I order plants for delivery on day X and some over-zealous courier tries to deliver on day X-1 when I’m not here and then advises it will take 5 days to arrange redelivery! The problem with Six on Saturday (especially when someone makes their sixth item another six) is the budget. Still, plant want list for next year is building nicely. Thanks!

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    1. John, I was a mess, NOT patient! No one took responsibility for any aspect of the whole fiasco and there was nothing I could do. In fact, the final dilemna was that the ferry into town to collect them was cancelled due to high winds.


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