Six on Saturday: March 24, 2018



1. Seed starting began last week and continued this week. A few seeds are under lights in the shop, (top right) while others are outdoors in the cold (bottom left) Lots of soil, sand, grit etc is piled up in the shop as well these days.  Outdoors are a few pots of divisions for our spring plant sale. Here are yarrow, some grasses and Helenium. During the next week or two I hope to plant and fertilize the clematis. They are mostly pruned now. Some new perennials will be headed this way too.


2. These are a few new plants emerging this week.

IMG_20180321_164609BRhubarb is wonderful to watch. The leaves start out like this, then grow very large and smooth indeed. Dramatic…and also tasty when cooked in pies.

IMG_20180321_163149BI can’t wait for more and more white fawn lilies. They can’t spread fast enough for me!




3. Here you see things gradually progressing. The Ribes bloom is opening. The drumstick primula is showing its blue/purple colour. The Parrotia tree has larger blooms, but they are definitley shy and not very showy. The white Hellebore is a star, a real stunner in my book! This sedum type plant came from nowhere. Perhaps from the previous owners? It is beautiful just where it planted itself. The orange crocuses delight me in their small clusters.



4. In other news, the quilt ladies came to survey the gardens and were very sweet and kind. They were glad to have a preview while the Hellebores were blooming. They said that some gardens improve with the addition of the art work and others stand on their own. They feel that perhaps our garden only needs one or two for the Garden tour in late June. I’ll enjoy that. I am not really sure what will be in bloom then, but I hope our blue poppies will be!


IMG_20180318_092711B5. I did the first mowing of the lawn this week. Mostly weeds and moss actually, but it was good to get rid of leaves and sticks and branches and it certainly makes things look tidy. My husband hung 2 paintings by the grandchildren inside our sauna and they look sweet there! Our son-in-law made the frames with moss on them!


IMG_20180323_080716B6. My garden helper finished off the spreading of mulch that we missed back in November due to rain and snow. Nice to have that area cleared. I feel we have achieved a strong start with our spring efforts! Most of the pruning is done, bulbs and Hellebores are showing off, and soon new plants will be arriving. We still need to prune the Calluna. Then our garden wagon collapsed from age and rust. We hope for a new one soon.  I am hoping to find Brass Buttons (Leptinella squalida) for a shady spot.  The temperatures are not ideal. We still expect some nights dipping down to -2C…which certainly is chilly! But the crisp blue skies are a treat when they arrive, and it is even nice to have mud under my fingernails.
BUT!… then Friday morning we awoke to snow.  Then there was sun. Then there was hail. Variety is the spice of life I guess!

Enjoy YOUR garden!


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6 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: March 24, 2018

    1. I have never heard of a rhubarb plant vanishing! I think mine was late this year because I mulched heavily around it. But perhaps cold weather is to blame? I’ll be interested to know the outcome Fred!
      As for the Parrotia blooms, one needs a microscope to find them! Photography lies sometimes.

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  1. Love the pictures & the moss adorned frames. Your garden is gorgeous, even w/o the quilts, but can’t wait to see that.


  2. Just popped over to your Six on Saturday; and Your Island, looks like it is just about next door to my Island! I was somewhat startled to see that old familiar view on your home page. Nice to find someone close to home on this!


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