Six on Saturday: January 13, 2018

January is the cruelest month for us in this part of British Columbia with rain and gloom and cold temperatures. Things are certainly not as severe as other parts of North America this winter though.
On the plus side, this past Monday our garden club held a special meeting where 14 people spoke briefly about their gardens. (with Power Point slides) There was lots of variety too. I spoke about our shade garden as it emerged last spring. There was home made ice cream and more goodies as well. To top it off my 8 year old granddaughter came to watch the program! I hope she develops a love of gardening one fine day!

So this is what happened in our garden this week!

1. The snow came and went, came and went. It was nice to have a few dry days! Here you see Autumn crocus foliage.


2. Some perennials are showing signs of life! Among them there’s Variegated Knautia,  Corydalis cheilanthifolia, several blue Heloniopsis and Soldanella.


3. Snow returned but the Phlomis, which has pale pink blooms, still looks healthy. (with seedlings of purple linaria growing through it I see.) This grows in a fairly sunny part of the garden.

In May it looks like this:


4. Last spring I was gifted some Wasabi plants: they don’t seem affected by the weather at all. (


5. One of my favourite plants is Enkianthus, a subtle, slow growing yet sophisticated shrub/tree.  I grow several with different coloured blooms. This one was new last year and seems to be doing fine. It has nice buds now.

This is how it looks in bloom, in mid May.


6. Last, but not least,  blooms are starting. This Cyclamen is loaded with buds.

This Witch hazel Jelena is in bloom. A second one is not as far along. A close up is intriguing…
Seeds have not yet arrived, but I am waiting, eager to start them.

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10 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: January 13, 2018

  1. It’s funny because yesterday I ate peanuts with wasabi and my eldest son wanted me to grow it soon! Thank you for the link. I will take a look at this novelty for me! Except on the first pics, we can see that the snow has melted and maybe the first signs of spring are coming!

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