Six on Saturday: November 11,2017


The order was placed, even though it wasn’t exactly what we wanted. But when it arrived, it turned out to be a good mix of fir and Hemlock!

We even found a big enough spot to contain it all.


 But then it snowed, covering the areas that needed it most!


Finally the snow melted and the spreading began!


I was glad to find an obelisk on sale! There is always a new clematis that needs one!


On the very last warm day of the season a photogrpher snapped outdoor shots of our daughter’s family. It was Halloween day.


The last leaves hanging onto the Cercis Forest Pansy.

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8 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: November 11,2017

    1. It is a matter of perspective. This is simple white decoration compared to my years in New York State and in Ontario where snow was deep and fierce. I don’t miss it, but others miss skiing, tobogganing and skating.


    1. We have eliminated many, many ferns, but I insisted on keeping many too. People here tend to consider them weeds, but I enjoy them. They are native in the northwest coastal areas. I believe they are called Sword ferns. In February or so we must cut the ferns back and allow fresh foliage to grow and replace the old. I grow other ferns as well. By the way, that is a deer fence. Without it I could not garden at all. The deer actually line up to enter our garden gate, knowing there is a smorgasbord inside!


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