Six on Saturday: October 7, 2017

  1. Our local plant sale is coming up soon. This prompted me to organize the pots in our tool shed… and it makes a huge difference. Glad that is done. We have a few projects in the works and have gathered most of the materials for those behind the sauna. We expect to have a faucet hooked up there which will make life simpler. Also, a few pavers will be installed in that area.

This is the sauna deck and the tap will be installed behind it where there is a path through our shade garden.

2. Here I will share some favorite areas. This is the front entry to our home. The previous owners enjoyed Japanese highlights. (I do too)

There are quite a few rocks in this area and loads of shade. Shade grasses do quite well here.

3.  These plants also appear in the front at this time of year, in small patches of sun :



4. In the back of the house is more sunny space. This is what fall looks like here:

5. Along the shade path in back of the sauna there are autumn blooming plants as well.


Ferns, Fuchsia and Hosta

6. This week we planted loads of bulbs. We’ll see how that works out next spring! My experience tells me that there are never enough bulbs! We also planted a few perennials in this newly opened up space. Hard to tell what to expect so far! May take several years in fact.


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3 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: October 7, 2017

  1. I’ve been doing some tidying this week but a way to go before it looks like your tidy shed! All your notes about sauna and faucet (‘shower’ to us in the UK?), pavers and decking, borders and bulbs, a paradise garden!


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