Mid September in the Garden

Here in British Columbia we can’t be sure what to expect weather-wise in September. We have had hot and dry times with fire bans, but also some rain – though not enough to reach deeply into our garden soil. As usual, the weeds are doing well.
My efforts are mostly focused on perennials and ornamental grasses at this time. Colour is not all that plentiful now, but seed heads are very attractive.

Friends have shared lettuces, tomatoes and melons from their gardens and we have had a couple of artichokes, tomatoes and eggplants of our own. These small globe shaped eggplants were part of our spaghetti sauce this evening. YUM!

This is my favourite time to plant and move perennials and also to purchase bulbs. It is also time to spread bark chips for mulch, except right now there is a ban on using power tools due to fire hazards. And so I wait for the chippers to begin working again.

Allow me to share what is still to be seen and what is now emerging.

The Maidenhair ferns are at their best now and the Astrantias are having blooms once more.

Coreopsis Sienna Sunset is still hanging on.

I enjoy these Agapanthus and hope they will survive the winter!

A few Clematis are still visible.

Gravetye Beauty


…and this small gem.

Lycesteria formosanum is still showing off.

Agastache ‘black adder’ is coming to a close.

Some fine foliage is still present as well: Spotty Dotty and Brunnera with a small Cersis Forest Pansy

The young Hydrangeas are still around and have turned pink.
Pinky Winky


White anemones (Honorine Jobert) and Persicaria (firetail) are blooming now.

To my great delight the Fuchsia Hawkshead is blooming over a long stretch of time.

Other treasures have returned from last year: Cyclamen, Tricyrtis, Sedum and Thalictrum.

This ground cover has been fun but I think I will try it in a pot next year.

There are many grasses showing off their inflorescenses, colours and habits.

There are several kinds of Aster in bloom, and some still waiting to bloom later on.

New to this garden are several Lysimachia beaujolais. It would be great if they returned next year…

The variegated Comfrey is new this year as well. I do not fear for its survival though!

 Kirengeshoma palmata is ready to pop this week!

Bulbs are all ordered or already purchased.

Exciting times!



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