Garden Tour : The Last Five Gardens

It is mid January and I feel the need for colour! Time to complete the garden tour
at last. There were five more spots to visit in the afternoon of June 26th, following our picnic lunch.
Len and Bonnie’s garden

This garden was started in 1980 with raised beds. The soil needed ammending. It is a shady location, but they have a greenhouse for growing tomatoes in summer and for holding a bonsai collection in winter. They have a spot in the Community Garden for things like squash and corn, enough for winter food for themselves and their kids.


Again, quilts were displayed in each garden by the Quadra Island Quilters.
It was a very warm day in the sun and if you check carefully, you will see the owners’s Chow dog pacing in the heat, greeting the visitors. In addition to vegetables and bonsai, notice the espaliered fruit tree. I love the sweet peas too!


I enjoy gates….

garden-tour-part-june26-2016-048b garden-tour-part-june26-2016-049b garden-tour-part-june26-2016-050b garden-tour-part-june26-2016-052bgarden-tour-part-june26-2016-057b garden-tour-part-june26-2016-055b  garden-tour-part-june26-2016-058bjpg garden-tour-part-june26-2016-061b garden-tour-part-june26-2016-065b


Doug and Vicki’s large property was where we stopped for lunch. This was stop #9. (We actually toured here at the end when fewer people were around.)


The house is situated up a hill beyond a wooded area. It is about a quarter mile up the path, with Crocosmia blooming along the side. There is an area for growing vegetables and beyond, flowers grow near their home. And what a lovely view of the water and mountains they have too!













Ted and Judith’s garden is mainly about vegetables, but is situated in a lovely spot with a fabulous view. There are bird feeders about which are fun as well. Their garden is about 4 years old and is terraced. Under the terraces are subterranean trenches filled with large rocks covered by gravel and soil. The garden also has micro-irrigation fed from a 1200 gallon rain collection tank. They continue to build up the soil.

  See the birdhouse?garden-tour-part-june26-2016-077b garden-tour-part-june26-2016-075bgarden-tour-part-june26-2016-079b  *****

Brian and Lil live in a fairly shaded area on the site of an old logging camp. It was a dumping area for old equipment. An alder grove became well established by the time they broke ground for their garden and so the soil is very acidic, black sandy loam. The fact there was too much moisture was a challenge. As they became accustomed to their colder new surroundings, they accepted that Hostas and Rhododendrons were successful, but they continue to experiment with other plants as well. (This is tour #11)


Lovely seating areas!


I certainly like this quilt and thought I’d share the swirling design in black thread with a close-up shot below.


These small quilt pieces are on a Mennonite theme.



Sonia and Jay’s home has quite the beautiful garden with both perennials and vegetables. There is always a new project being created. Purchased in 2003, they cleared the land of alder as well as scrap metal that surround them…right up to the front door. They are almost surrounded by water and the barn swallows visit and are tracked for a bird watcher’s site.

 garden-tour-part-june26-2016-082b garden-tour-part-june26-2016-083bgarden-tour-part-june26-2016-084bgarden-tour-part-june26-2016-085bgarden-tour-part-june26-2016-088bgarden-tour-part-june26-2016-091b garden-tour-part-june26-2016-089b

These are thornless blackberries. YUM!

garden-tour-part-june26-2016-096b Instead of a sturdy shelf, hanging half plastic barrels hold more plants. garden-tour-part-june26-2016-093bgarden-tour-part-june26-2016-094b

Where the barn swallows

A fine pet indeed! And very curious about all the


Before leaving for home, we decided to visit a nearby friend at her studio home. We had a wonderfull chat , made use of her facilities, and headed back after our wonderful day!

garden-tour-part-june26-2016-138bgarden-tour-part-june26-2016-139b *****


One thought on “Garden Tour : The Last Five Gardens

  1. Good to see you again! I enjoyed all the pretty gardens. I could practically smell the sweet peas. Maybe this will be the year I get out early enough to get some planted.


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