Island Garden Tour: Day Two

It has been too long since our trip, but I will try to show you the seven gardens that four of us visited on the tour to a more northern area of Quadra Island near Granite Bay.
Today I will begin with the first two visits only.

Our first visit was to Jude and Allen’s Farm, a piece of history in a small valley with a huge pond. The frame of the first car on the island, an Oldsmobile,  is situated in the front yard. The area was first settlerd in 1903 and the exhisiting farmhouse was built in 1926-7 aqster two forest fires burned down the original.



A dear little puppy was very excited to be featured on the tour!


The gardens include berries and cherries…and vegetables and chickens are on the other side of the  driveway.Garden-Tour-Part--June26-2016-017BBeyond this planted area, in view of the pond, were tents displaying lots of quilting activity!

Garden-Tour-Part--June26-2016-010B Garden-Tour-Part--June26-2016-011B Garden-Tour-Part--June26-2016-012B Garden-Tour-Part--June26-2016-013B


We moved onward to visit the farm of Sam and Emily, who happen to be friends of our daughter. Emily also has connections to Haiti, so we have discussed our travels as well.


In 1998 Sam and Emily purchased the homestead of the Luoma family who had moved from Sointula, not far from Alert Bay, in 1906. The  old house is quite incredible and the top soil rich and black. Their main goal has been to raise livestock and grow food to feed their family year round. They keep laying hens, honey bees, runner ducks, dairy sheep and raise lambs and sheep for meat. This year they have several pigs as well. The livestock keeps Emily very busy indeed, not to mention her garden.
Sam, it turns out, helped the builder of our home with much of the carpentry work. A lovely roof garden is planted above Sam’s shop.
Their home


Sam’s shop
Garden-Tour-Part--June26-2016-036BThe roof garden above the shop (I climbed a ladder to take this shot)


The view of gardens beyond the house.


The Greenhouse…


Vegetables growing… See the pigs?






Quilts on display


Baby Chicks


A perfect spot on a perfect day! There was fun for everyone. There were even ripe cherries to be picked from the trees!

To be continued….



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