Uncle Adam’s Visit

We never know much in advance when this guy will be able to join us for a visit, but this time the little ones are old enough to really want his company! It has been so much fun! Mind you, we old folks love the fact that he can update our computers and help us with stuff around the house, cell phones, etc…
On that first night he brought a bunch of gifts including a fancy flashlight, books and coloring books. Of course they had to use the flashlight to read books by the fire.

Then Ivy got to read him a book.  (Sam & Dave Dig a Hole, one of our favorites)

After school, Ivy came by to help him and her grandfather repair the laptops he works with in Haiti and other countries.





She was so proud of herself! “Now I can go to other countries and show the kids how!”

Then the boys joined in. There was indeed ONE LAPTOP per CHILD.


Although they don’t get much exposure to computers, they did very very well on mazes, gears, drawing and more!

Another day Forrest and Sarah invited Adam to set crab traps for a feast later on. The next day they collected them together with Leo. Last night everyone enjoyed the feast and more computer time. I was not a part of this (sick) so enjoy watching brother and sister interact with these photos.




Adam may be in Haiti in March, but there is hope that he will return to see us in April.




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